Testimonials of F.A.S. Training Athletes



"When I arrived at football camp in august, I noticed the difference between me and the other incoming freshman right away. I was two steps quicker and a lot stronger than before. I rarely felt myself winded or gasping for air during practice like I had done in the past. I was also mentally prepared because I knew that if I made it through this program that I could push myself to get through any other workout."  

Albert Hall, #71 Penn State Football Player


"For an individual to change another person’s way of life as in self-motivation, confidence, looks, and attitude, Dr. Welling has managed to do this for me. From a body weight of 208 lbs. (okay, really 211 lbs.) To a current weight of 160 lbs.; from a waist size of 38 inches down to 31 inches; from dreading exercise to anticipating his workouts by waking up at 4:45 a.m. twice a week to pre-train before our session; from not watching the foods I ate and drank to learning a nutritional regimen, he has given me an overall self-confidence in my professional and personal life."  

Josh G., Lynmark Group, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro


"I just wanted to let you guys know that my season is going very well so far. I just hit my all time PR this past weekend in the elite DMR race against all the professional teams on the 800 leg, 1:51.91, and it’s only January. I just wanted to say that I attribute a lot of my success so far to the training I’ve done at FAS and that it put me ahead of the curve in a great way. I’m really looking forward to starting back up over the summer when I get back. "  

Jordan B., Duke University Track & Field


Simply put Dr.Frank is the best there is, without Dr. Frank I would not be where I am today. After working out at FAS there is no challenge that could stand in my way on the football field. Coming into camp every year I can truly see the difference when at the end of practice everyone is tired and I am ready for more. If you are looking to get ready for your upcoming season you are going to be pushed to meet your goals and more here. I can not say it enough how big of a difference you will see after working with Dr.Frank.  

James Grennan Offensive Tackle Brockport State First Team All Conference 2017


"I just finished my third screener about an hour ago for a program that helps develop cadets for a SOF career field. It was probably the hardest physical/mental event I’ve ever done in my life (snow, cold, foothills of the Rockies, and some pretty nasty PT/Rucking for 7 hours). What I came to realize (when my mind started to blank out from the event) was that almost everything I’ve done in this program was already introduced to me at FAS. From the sandbags, to front-leaning rest for an hour, and everything in between, your program is awesome. It primes and develops the mind for resiliency and determination to a degree that most training routines I’ve seen couldn’t begin to grasp. What I saw of my body tonight was astounding. I was performing at a level my physique honestly couldn’t explain.The outlook you gave me is that the mind’s power combined with the body’s strength is limitless in the feats that can be achieved." 

Jared O., United States Air Force Academy




"I have been going to FAS since my senior year of high school with the Warwick Valley Cross Country Team. That was almost five years ago. Since then I have been regularly attending training sessions with JP two-three times a week over the summers and holiday breaks. Currently I run Division I cross country and track at High Point University. I would not be competing at the highest level of collegiate athletics if it wasn’t for FAS. At FAS I have learned how to be tough and competitive. Before FAS and the guidance of JP and Frank I lacked confidence in a competitive setting, wasn’t strong enough to compete with high-level runners, and was very injury prone. FAS changed all of that for me. JP and Frank gave me the tools to be a competitive athlete through hard training sessions that not only taxed me physically but mentally as well. JP and Frank built up my confidence through positive encouragement and the usefulness of a very strong work ethic. Lastly but most importantly FAS has help me stay injury free throughout my college athletic career by improving flexibility through dynamic stretching, foam rolling and band stretching. I have been able to take these techniques to college with me in North Carolina where they have become routine and an important part of my training. I am now a junior in college and have set personal bests from 1,500 meters to 10,000 meters. FAS has allowed me to train injury free which then puts me in a position to score in Conference championships and travel all over the east coast racing other Division I teams. I want to take this opportunity thank JP and Frank for all that they have given me. I will carry the lessons learned at FAS for the rest of my life. "  

Paddy Grandinali, High Point University Track & Field


"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Dr. Frank Welling of FAS training. As the boys varsity x-country and track & field coach at Warwick Valley I am constantly finding different ways to stay competitive in our sport. Each year there are new teams, and training methods which push the limits of human performance so it really becomes a matter of "keeping up with the Jones's". We started working with FAS training when we had a young team that I knew would have to do more than just run. Since then frank and J.P. have been instrumental in our athletes whole body fitness both physical and mental. We have gone on to reach new heights in our program and you can tell our kids are now really fit. Our kids love it and cannot wait to get to the FAS gym for a workout. Each session is very unique combining fun, challenging exercises that are appropriate to our needs. The working relationship we have grown to have with the FAS staff couldn't be any better. Our athletes now attend FAS on a year round basis, even our returning alumni from college. At FAS you get what you want from professionals who are experts in the field."    

Coach Mike Potter, Warwick Track and Field

 "Through the training and knowledge of skilled professionals at FAS, anyone can learn that the area of physical training is limitless and attainable. By knowing that you can make your physical dreams a reality, a person can grow with confidence. In life and in sports confidence is what really can make the true difference in someone’s personal itinerary. FAS develops the mind, body, and soul through the testing of the outer and inner limits of your personal strength. The character building and charisma which I learned there has given strong leadership skills and self-growth that has helped me in my life."  

John S., Former ESU Football Player

 "I just wanted to say thank you again for the summer training. Thank you both for your patience and confidence in me. It has allowed me to go into my first XC race with a little less nervous and much more optimistic. Thanks for kicking both my butt and mind into shape. "  

Katie F., Bucknell Track & Field

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 I’ve been going to FASTraining since my junior year. Because Derek Dibona, a Warwick pole vault legend had been so successful after training at FAST, Coach St. recommended that I tried it as well. I had the advantage of height in the pole vault, however, I had absolutely no muscle, and could barely lift the bar when I first started. I had dreams of competing with the best in the nation and signing to a D1 college, but it was clear that I needed to become stronger. Flash forward to my senior year, with the help of Frank and FASTraining, I became a national champion, was recruited by 40+ division 1 schools, and signed to compete for my dream school, Duke University. Going to FAST was a game changer in my journey, and I only wish I had started earlier. Not only did I gain basic strength, but also learned control and explosive power. These little nuances really helped my vaulting reach new heights. I look forward to going to the gym, because I know that each time I leave, I am closer to reaching my goals. Hands down, Frank is the best around. He’s always looking for little ways to improve my strength and my vaulting. As I've come to learn, every little inch matters in this sport. Having someone like Frank to make sure I am the best I can possibly be has been such a privilege to have in my high school career. The work I have done at FASTraining has carried over to my other events as well. Since coming to FASTraining my junior year, I have improved by 4 feet in the triple jump, 1.5 feet in the long jump, 1 full second in the 200m, and .4 seconds in the 100m. Improving in these events has allowed me to help my team, and chase team titles, not just individual ones. I am so thankful that I am able to train with the best around, and prepare myself to excel at the next level. 

Kaeli Thompson, Warwick High School Pole Vault/Track